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ВильнюсVilnius: turgid sections

Thanks to numerous barracks, the archadams of narrow medieval layers, hidden from outside views by small areas, towers and castles, as well as a large number of Orthodox and Catholic churches in the Lithuanian capital, located on the Neris River, have a special, irreplaceable atmosphere. Vilnius is known primarily as the city of hundreds of churches, among which a number of truly magnificent copies can be found. They're only in the center around 30! For no reason, the historic part of the city with an infinite balloon was taken under the protection of UNESCO.

Vilnius's great Cafederal Collection is the spiritual and political centre of Lithuania. The first Christian assembly in this place was built by King Mindow after his Christianity. The history of the modern building began in the fifteenth century, over centuries, it has experienced many fires and alterations. From the inside, the cathedral strikes its magnificent imagination: it is possible to find paintings, superficial stoves, sculptures of the Lithuanian Princess and Polish kings, arts of the XVI-XIX centuries, and a museum whose exhibit reveals the history of the assembly from its construction to our days. A number of important historical characters have also been buried in the assembly, and underground burials are dated in the twelfth century. A separate building bell, 57 m high, was built on the former defense tower.

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