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1 October, 9:00.

A foreigner in Asia doesn't look good unless you know how to treat local girls. My way isn't a guarantee of success, either, but you'll enjoy it anyway.

First of all, it's convenient.

I never used to ride a motorcycle, even a passenger. In Vietnam, it happened twice: I met a girl the first day. She's been driving me all day, and then she's rolling around, and we've been a couple of times, and I didn't know how to share weight. So the next day, I rented a scooter myself.

Two in the hotel lobby said I needed a bike. Ten minutes later, the porter arrived at Honde's sweatshop and handed me the keys. I gave the money, 150,000 Dogs per moped, and 50 for a half of the gasoline. It's 24 hours. It was very fiscal, less than 600 roubles.

7 Turns, lights - who needs it? The main button is HORN. She's doing everything in Vietnam. We need to push it as much as possible, and we better not let it go. Manoeuvring in the flow of Vietnamese bikers takes place only by sound, and they drive. In fact, the movement isn't as scary as it seems to be at first sight, it's all logic to its own, Asian. The secret is, everyone's going slowly, you're gonna make it and you're gonna blow your head and predict the manoeuvres.

You really want to know the country where you're going, eat at the local café, live in the apartments and move on to the transport that's accepted here.

By the way, tickets to Vietnam (and anywhere at all) need to be purchased through that uniform. It's simple and understandable when you fly cheaper. Don't thank me!

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3 Никто не спрашивал у меня документов и не брал паспорт в залог. Им так же безразлично, есть ли у меня права категории А. Дали ключи и катайся. Объяснять, как что устроено, тоже не стали. Сам разберётся. 4 А что тут разбираться? Вот спидометр: до 160 он всё равно не разгонится, но сотню км/ч выжимает. Страшно при этом так, будто едешь все триста на Феррари. 5 У моего байка было лишь одно левое зеркало, и то сферическое. То есть, я ничего не видел сзади, головой приходилось вертеть. Потом я узнал, что так не у всех.

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