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The Most Expensive Tour Hotels

G20 summit leaders selected the most expensive tour hotels

The Trade Union Summit G20 will be held in Turkey from 13 to 14 November. Next, from 14 to 15 November, the Business Summit G20 will be held. And at the conclusion of the Twentieth, from 15 to 16 November, the leaders of the countries will participate mainly at the 10th G20 summit. Under a grand event, the Turkish authorities have provided the most luxury hotels near Antalya, which are estimated to have been 30. In addition, the leaders of Group 20 have already identified the hotels in which they will stop with their large delegation and security.

The longest-awaited event, the Sunday summit of the Big Twentieth will take place in the Turkish Beleka, the resort zone for the good tourists, as is well known, 25 kilometres away from the Turkish tourist capital, Antalya.

ProHotel reports that in the " red zone " of Bel├ęka, where the leaders of the world ' s largest economies will be accommodated, an enhanced security regime has been introduced. It will only be possible to enter after a special pass. The five-star hotels will be closed for ordinary tourists, and the golf-field will not work either.

This summit will be radically different from last year. If in 2014 locals were able to look at world leaders, and Angel Merquel even had a beer with football fans, it's different now. There is a real reservation for the summit. The Heads of State and their delegations will be in the protected " red zone " .

Since this week, the entrance to the Belek Lux Hotels, golf-pole and passage to the streets near the hotels has been severely restricted. During the two days of the summit, all participants will move along strictly protected routes and feed only at locations that have been verified by the organizers.

Almost all hotels chosen by world leaders to live during the summit have golf-pole. But it is unlikely that the summit will have time for sport. Ordinary players can get there after 17 November. There are also separate villas near many hotels suitable for hosting heads of State.

The G20-2015 summit can be compared to the G20-2013 summit held two years ago in St. Petersburg. The participants were then placed in a closed cottage village near the Constantine Palace.

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