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Пластиковые карты в ТурцииMain statues of the Turkish Republic of Turkey Plastic cards widespread throughout the territory Turkey♪ The country ' s population is heavily " planted " on the needle of plastic bank loans, so the questions of " Is there an ATM in Turkey?Does Turkey pay plastic cards"it looks completely inappropriate. Indeed, tourists can take their favourite plastic cards with great peace to travel to this remarkable country, not only for the payment of goods or services, but also for the establishment of a wide network of ATMs of various Turkish banks. Only small traders in the resort area preferred cash in Turkey, and in large stores and trade centres in Antalia, payment could be made by a piece of plastic produced by Russian issuing banks. The payment of services, such as a hairdresser or SPA-salon visit to the Turkish hotel, could also be made a plastic card.Мошенничество с пластиковыми картами на курортах Турции In doing so, the recalculation and the conversion of cuts to lira is done by the Visa system automatically, really, with a small commission. If necessary, cash in Turkey can be removed from the plastic map, with a very wide network of ATMs. Regrettably, in the Turkish resort area, the ATMs are less frequent, with the exception of large resort centres such as Antalya or Alania. In small townships, the number of ATMs is calculated on the fingers. It must be borne in mind that the exchange of cash in travellers ' ATMs awaits unpleasant news, the daytime limit for withdrawal and the fairly high commissions. Thus, Turkey instructs foreigners to pay plastic cards on the trade network instead of the usual cash in Russia.

Plastic chart security

In the payment of goods or services, plastic cards in Turkey should follow the following recommendations:

- when the goods are paid, both the pos-terminal and your map must be kept in your sight.
- When you pay the bars, show the bartender card and wait for your desk to get your mobile gsm terminal.
- By signing the check, check the amount of the transaction.
- Keep all the checks until you get to Russia.

Before you go to Turkey, you'll have to turn on the sms-off for every discharge operation from your plastic. This will allow you to control the flow on time from your calculation and to block your map in time if the PIN code suddenly became known as fraudsters.

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