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Rest in tour: most popular youth resorts

Самые тусовочные курорты ТурцииMarmaris

Life in Marmaris begins to drill from 10 o'clock in the evening when multiple bars and discotheques are opened on the evil street Bar. But to find her, you don't even have to follow the signs, just go to the sound.

Marmaris' nightclubs are a free entrance. The most popular institutions here are The Beach Club, which has an interesting show program and Crazy-Daisy, popular among Russian tourists.

Apart from Street Bar, it's worth a walk on Uzunali's coast, where there are also lots of bars and several beach discotheques.


This town on the coast of the Aegean Sea has been compared with the legendary Ibica. It's where you like to rest the gold. Turkey♪ In Bordrum, we can find evil institutions of any kind: rock, jazz music and, of course, traditional discotheques.

Самые тусовочные курорты ТурцииThe most famous nightclub in Bodrum is Halikarnas. He's on the coast, and he's got over 5,000 people! Oranga is also popular.

The whole night's life is concentrated in the middle of Bodrum. There's a whole street of bars and discotheques (this are Halikarnas and Orange) so it's better for amateurs to sit in the city's line. Bodrum's



It is in Kemere that there are several famous nightclubs across Turkey: Aura, Inferno, Sharlotta. It's a feeble entry, an average of $10 to 15, but it's often a free cocktail.

There's also a traditional Turkish resort street of bars. It's not as big as Marmaris, but it's good to find a place.

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