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Best Children ' S Hotels

Child Rest Tourists

Отели Турции для отдыха с детьмиTurkish resorts have always been highly demanded among tourists from all over the world. When travelling to Turkey, the traveller offers a number of opportunities: to spend a week of guided tours and to learn the country ' s worth, to engage in extreme sports, or simply to land on the Mediterranean coast. However, family couples with children cannot be considered to such tourists: in order for family rest to be remembered not only by you, but also by your children, we propose to see Turkey ' s children ' s hotels.

Before we know what Turkish hotels are best suited to children, the basic criteria for hotel selection need to be examined. For starters. You need to take care of the convenience, so you need to choose the hotel that's close to the sea. Sometimes it's hard to get to the beach with a little kid on his hands, so it's better to book hotels on the coastline.

Second factor - basic requirements for the hotel. Before buying the number, the following services should be verified:

  • Greater territory
  • Number
  • Children ' s table and children ' s food
  • Approach to the beach and the airport
  • Availability of pools and playgrounds
  • The beach

Ela Quality Resort 5*

Let's start. Ela Quality Resort 5*: This hotel is one of the best family choices, as the large, secular territory and access numbers are the first criteria for choosing a family hotel.

It's a little bit of a child's recreational facility, a playground with a bout and a full-fledged menu in a restaurant.

Ali Bey Park HV-1

The hotel is located on the coastline at 150,000 square metres, and the beach itself extends over 800 metres. As we have said, distance from hotel to sea plays a major role in recreation with children.

Child animation is divided into 3 clubs: mini (4-8), max (9-12) and young people (13-17). Such a splitting into different programs won't let your child miss.

Sirene Belek 5*

For parents, the hotel is simply a finder, in restaurants, the foods of the Turkish, South American and Mediterranean kitchens are cooked, a variety of sports are distributed from entertainment, and the beach coast of Belék is plunging.

Ela Quality Resort 5 Ali Bey Park HV-1 Sirene Belek 5 Marti Myra 5

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