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St. Petersburg Hotel

Locate the hotel suite; cost (price) of the number

Улучшенный Улучшенный. Санузел

The cost of the business suite is as follows:

  • Breakfast at the café in the hotel building;
  • Use of a safe cell;
  • daily change of laundry;
  • Supplies;
  • Caps, robes, towels, toiletries;
  • Parking in the interior courtyard of the hotel;
  • Utilization of dungs and smooth doses;
  • Consierge shoulders;
  • Wake-Up Call.

For an extra fee, we propose:

  • Transfer services;
  • Laundry services;
  • Use of office automation equipment (butbook, printer, scanner);
  • Living with animals (up to 3 kg);
  • Installation of an additional child bed (for children under 3 years);
  • Installation of additional adult bedroom.

Special proposal for business people

We offer services for the transhipment, the use of office equipment, the unlimited negotiations on St. Petersburg and the field, and the provision of round-the-clock drinks, tea and fresh coffee in the room on favourable terms. You can get a closer look at them here.

The suite is a combination of convenience and comfort

The suite number of Business at the St. Counsel Hotel is a well-designed interior and convenient location of the two zones. You can rest with comfort and work. A secondary area with a double bed, a TV, an air conditioner is separated from the work area by a partition.

There is a desk in the working zone that you will be comfortable with, an alternate wardrobe and a soft couch. There's a wireless and wireless Internet in the room. You can always be in touch with your business partners and be able to deal with working questions at any time you like.

The bathroom is equipped with a shower cab, and all necessary supplies (halat, slips, hygiene equipment) are in the room.

Luxury number

Cost of the Business suite 5,700 roubles, this is breakfast in our cafe and our hotel's basic services package.

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