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Rosie St. Petersburg

Concept Hotel of Rahmanin in St. Petersburg

Концептуальный отель Рахманинов в Санкт-ПетербургеКонцептуальный отель Рахманинов в Санкт-ПетербургеThe arts model is primarily due to their originality and ability to give the guest an unrecovered impression. A big hotel tourist will soon forget, because the hotel rooms in the gigantic hotels are often like twins go on their own. In the small hotels, the room has its soul, the interior builds a stalemate for appeasement, calm and inspires it for new discoveries. St. Petersburg ' s miners, with their imagination and unrepetitiveness, will help the tourist to better understand the historical, intellectual and romantic features of northern Venice.

If a traveller wants a unique opportunity to live in a real museum linked to the life of an outstanding composer, but to enjoy the atmosphere of security and cozyness, he should stop at the Rahmanin artist. The hotel's name was because there was one time for the distinguished composer Sergei Rahmanin. He spent a part of his youth in one of the rooms of an old-fashioned income house where the hotel is now located. The composer's room, the art gallery and the musical guest room are the hotel's raisins. Exhibits, cultural events and performances are held in the institution. The different design of the Rahmanin Hotel allows customers to choose a place with a special atmosphere. On the second floor (Antic Hotel) classic numbers aimed at immersing the guests of the institution into the luxury and aristocracy of old Peter. Lower floor numbers are remarkable that any one of them has an inescapable design, like a continuing picture on the doors of the room. The residents thus have the opportunity to look at the first capital of the Russian Empire with the eyes of the painter.

Petersburg Mini seeks to show their inability even in small parts of the decor. Rahmaninin is no exception in this regard. In the establishment of ancient objects, such as antique furniture, statues and paintings, are in harmony with everyday objects to which we are so used. There are modern equipment in the rooms, hotel staff offer a lot of extra services to the guests. By staying at the Rahmanin artist, travellers will be able to see Peter as he was in the life of a famous composer, a blissful, enriched art search and bold experiments of a silver century of domestic culture.

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