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Ladoga Hotel St. Petersburg

Sanct-peterbourg " Ladoga " business

Отель Ладога Санкт-ПетербургThe *** Hotel is located in an ecologically clean area near the historic centre of St. Petersburg (15 minutes from the main highway of the city, the Nevska Prospect and 5 minutes from the Ladzhsky St. Petersburg.
Ours. St. Petersburg is a member of the Best Eastern Hotels International Hotels.
The welcoming English-speaking staff and the high quality of service will leave a pleasant impression of rest in North Venice.

St. Petersburg Business St. Petersburg Lodoga

In a hotel of 107 different categories: standard with one and two-way accommodation, comfort, semi-luxes and eco-class numbers.

All the numbers are equipped with a bathroom, a toilet, a TV, a phone with an international line.

The cost of the room is breakfast (Swedish table) and a sauna visit to morning hours and taxes. Free wi-fi is provided throughout the hotel.

The restaurant of the hotel with the Russian and European kitchen offers the organization of banquets, furchets, dinners and lunches, coffee bars. The restaurant of St. Petersburg ' s business manager, Ladoga, is designed to serve up to 100 people on a one-time basis.

Conferences and other events may be held. There are conference rooms in the hotel.

A little history.

The Ladoga Hotel was built in 1964 on a model project for the mid-20th century and was part of the management of the Lengorispolcom Hotel.

In 1990, SP Leningrad-Deson was established with Chinese partners. After three years of reconstruction, where small rooms were doubled in size, and the infrastructure was improved, the hotel was opened as Deson-Ladoga Hotel.

In 2004, the hotel moved into private property and was renamed Ladoga Hotel. Much has been changed in recent years. The hall and the restaurant were rebuilt. All the numbers are completely renovated. A new beauty salon and a modern conference room were opened.

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