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Hotel Greenwich St. Petersburg

Guinwich Hotel, Sanct-Peterburg

Гостиница Гринвич Санкт-ПетербургBase guests: 8,900

Repertoire of the Russian hotels.

Type: Mini-tel

Greenwich Hotel

A quiet mini-tel in St Petersburg in British style, in a quiet street in the historic center of the city. A perfect solution for business tourists and all travelers, a peaceful vacation.


The Greenwich Mini offers for its guests the possibility of a single and two-bed accommodation.
6 double rooms, 12 to 17 square metres, are as comfortable as possible. The interior is kept in a calm flower gamma, the simple massive furniture gives a shik, soft lights creates home comfort.

Photographs of the Greenwich Hotel

Гостиница Гринвич Санкт-ПетербургStreet view


Single number

Double number



Pab (storm)


Greenwich Hotel, St. Petersburg

Lived with his husband in August 2014 in room No. 5. The warmest impressions left! Even though it's a menis hotel, Greenwich is very excited! English style, separate taps in the bathroom, a real box from which to call all over the world, breakfast with oatmeal (sir!) or omelet:
We hope to come to you again!

The hotel is very unusual. No, the word that's best suited is "atmosphere"! Lived there a week ago, there was a new year of jewelry and mood) I really liked the interior of warm tones and English traditions. They said we could play golf, but we somehow missed this opportunity, there was little in the hotel, mostly walking around town. The location, by the way, is convenient in the center. Of course, a lot of hotels that are closer to the subway, but that's not so much... Verdict: Come, I don't think you'll regret it, it's really cool.

Гостиница Гринвич Санкт-Петербург Гостиница Гринвич Санкт-Петербург Гостиница Гринвич Санкт-Петербург Гостиница Гринвич Санкт-Петербург

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