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Sri Lanka Hotel Map

Card of Sri Lanka in Russian

Your attention is drawn to Sri Lanka ' s map in Russian, which makes sense of printing and carrying on a mission. The map is also a map of Sri Lanka ' s resorts. This card has an orange square of solar inside. All 10 Sri Lankan national parks are marked on the map. A black Circle with a point inside describes cities that are often visited by tourists, because they concentrate on the main features of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka resort map

Шри-Ланка карта курортов на русскомWe recommend that when planning your trip, if you go on your own and on your first time, move on the map of Sri Lanka resorts as follows:

Aeroport - Colombo - Anuradhapura - Mihintale - Trincomalee - Sigiria - Dambula - Matale - Candi (from Candi to Pinavella, Transmission) - Nuwar Elia (Plato Harton) - Arugam Bay - Tangale.

In the last paragraph, you, according to the Sri Lankan resort map, drove off to the south coast of the island. Now you have a choice, either before you leave, to spend time on one beach or to do what most of your own travellers do. Every morning, climbing and moving towards Colombo for one two resorts.

All of Sri Lanka ' s beaches are very repetitive and diverse, and we highly recommend to visit them. Our recommendation to visit the beach will be as follows:

Tangale - Dickwella - Mirisa - Unavantuna - Hikaduva - Kosgoda - Calutara-Munt Lavinia - Airport.

In all these resorts, you'll find a place of taste, starting at $10 a night. As you move, you'll have to look at the sunset on Dondra's lighthouse. It's most convenient to visit him when you stop at the beach of Miris or Dickwell. This beacon is on the southernmost part of the island and, for a small fee, you can climb up to its top, where there's an incredible view on the left side of the bay. We hope a map of Sri Lanka's resorts will help plan your most unforgettable vacation in your life.

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