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Lancaster Hotel

Historical background

Petersburg Hotel Lancaster Court Hotel (Lancaster Court Court of Hotel SPB) is located in the historic part of the city, on the Select Party. The street of Fokina (in honor of N. S. Fokin, the organizer of the youth movement on the Choborg side), where the Hotel is located, was located between the Pyrogov coast and the Greater Sappsoniye. The hotel building was built in 1914. The full renovation of the building was carried out in 2007.

The Pyrogovian coast, located on the right bank of the Nev and the origin of the Grand Nevka, stretched from the Little Sampsonia Prospect to the street of the Lebedev Academy. The coast opens an amazing view on the River Nev, where the famous revolutionary Aurora cruiser can be seen on the opposite side. The current name of the river bank was assigned in 1898 in honour of N. Y. Pyrogova is a great Russian surgeon and anatom, a basic lieutenant of military-field surgery.

The first section of the future of the Sampsonia Prospect was formed in the 1730s north of the Sampsoni Building as part of the road to the Selection, by the name of the Gathering Prospect, and was named

The Sampsoniev Coll (1740, Architect P. A. Trezini) is an active Orthodox collection in St. Petersburg, located at B. Sampsonia Prospect, d. 41, built in a unique style of Annin Barocco. In 1710, the village Sampsoni Church, named Sampson Stranger Sampson, was built and enriched on 27 June 1709 at the site of the future victory assembly in the Poltawa battle, the day on which Russia won the battle. The restructuring of the church into the assembly took place between 1728 and 1740.

Saint Petersburg Mini Hotel - it's quality bond and cohabitation. SPB Lancaster Court Hotel**** (Lancaster Court Hotel Petersburg) is the best representative of the hotel market in the North Capital.

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