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Card Of Shrieks With Hotels

Sri Lanka Island map: hotels, resorts, sightseeings

Шри-Ланка на карте мираSri Lanka ' s detailed map is the best way to get to know this amazing and extraordinary country in absentia. There are maps on the travel company ' s " Your People " site, indicating all resort cities, popular values and best hotels in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a small island country located slightly south of Indostan, some 800 kilometres from the equator. The total area of the State is about 65,500 square kilometres. The island is 445 kilometres long, about 225 kilometres wide. Small Sri Lanka on map The world is barely visible, but it has many amazing features.

According to geological assessments, the Territory has been downloaded to the ocean many times and climbed back. Owing to increased tectonic activity, numerous hills and mountains were formed on the island ' s surface.

Карта Шри-ЛанкиThere was a solid mountain in the centre of Sri Lanka. His approximate height is 1-2 kilometre. The highest peak, the mountain of Pidurutalaala, is 2524 metres high. The next peak is Kirigalpott, its height is 2,395 metres. And Sri Lanka ' s peak tourists are the Mount of Sri Pad (Adam peak) at a height of 2,243 metres.

Despite extensive mountain ranges, Sri Lanka ' s physical map showed that most of the State occupied flat plains. The basins of several large rivers were scattered in their strife: Mahavel Ganga, Malvanuna Oya, Kelani Ganga and others. Many rivers fall from mountain peaks with large waterfalls. For example, the Cosland Bride Vail waterfall, referred to as the Fate of the brides, is at a height of 212 metres. Babarakanda, 241 metres high, is the largest waterfall on the island.

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