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Child Welfare

Rest with two children

We just couldn't stop going to the sea early in June because after the rest of the day, it's been almost a year, and every week of the past year, the oldest son asked us, "We're going to the sea next summer?" It was decided to go! And the sooner, the better!

This is a second vacation for our children abroad. On the basis of past positive experience, we chose the night flight of the Transaero Air. I don't know what this was about, but on the day we left, the flights were not delayed by this airline. The young son, he was 18 months old, slept perfectly all the way from home to hotel room, and the oldest four and a half years old, woke up if he had to go somewhere, and he kept the airports running.

We bought the trips in advance. Pegasus was cheaper than just one, but our Rosno insurance had a $30 franchise. As soon as this tour operator's voices weren't compromised, we didn't see any minus in his work and we didn't regret our choice.

From the airport in Antalia to Syd's place on the bus, about two hours. On the way, everyone's being taken to a store with a bunch of Turkish sweets, the stop takes 15 minutes to half an hour.
We arrived at the hotel around 10 a.m., and we were able to see Turkish hospitality immediately: we were settled one minute after completing the questionnaire. The number was very quiet, looking at the next hotel. Silence's name is perfectly justified, life there is, in fact, quiet and calm, perfect to rest with the children, and we haven't heard any noise or music during our stay. ! The view from our window was all set, especially since there was a bonus in the room, a wardrobe room, instead of closets.

This hotel works on the system, everything we've been happy about. It's very convenient. Especially our children have been in love with cool drinks that are very much on the ground and ice cream. The food was just fine, every day the chef presented us with a huge amount of desserts, all possible booze. I mean, the kids never gave up the soup with the dryers. It was delicious. There's a children's desk in the main restaurant. On it, I counted seven different vegetables, four fruits and berries in the jelly, chicken boulon, two kinds of cough. I'm not supposed to be allowed to take a room, which is also important, on vacation with babies.

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