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Map Of Sheikh Al-Sheikh Hotels



Sharks Bay and Ras Nasrani

We will see the Ras Nasrani coast and the Shark Bay follow the map from the Al-Nabq area, a small map of the two areas with key marks on the picture.

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It's 2 of course small Sharma El Sheikh, but very popular tourists because of the beautiful sea and the good hotels, a few hotels are on our list.Sharma El Sheikh, like high-level hotels.

egipet-sharm-el-sheikh15Map of the Sharks Bay and Ras Nasrani

To make it easier to look at two coasts separately:

Ras Nasrani region

On the top-down map, starts with the Sol Y Mar Belvedere Hotel and ends with the Melia Resort Hotel. Ras Nasrani's area is far from the main road, so the only possible transport to the city is a taxi, there's nothing around the hotels except the desert, so resting here all day on the sea. Charity with the sea in this area is fine:

(1) Little winds;

(2) Beautiful reefs and good seagoing, in many hotels at sea, it is possible to enter both the sand and the pontoon of an adult to navigate and swim along the reefs.

Hotel selection in Ras Nasrani: The map shows that the hotels ' shore (Sol Cyrene, Sol Sharm, Sol Y Mar Belvedere) is different, these hotels have a sand beach and there are no corals resting along the shore heading towards the Coral Sea Hotel Imperial and the bribery of a guard swims from a ponton. Not a very good beach at Sol Cyrene and Sol Sharm, the bottom of the firm, the algae, but all the other hotels on the coast from Coral Sea Imperial to Melia Sinay have beautiful beaches with a painting reef, there's a way for children, the area will be very well suited to people who appreciate peace and good service.

Hotel Melia Sinai Sharma El Sheikh

Where do we go to Ras Nasrani?

In Ras Nasrani, there's nowhere to go, there's one supermarket near the Sol Y Mar Belvedere Hotel.

But it's not gonna be a problem to get to the city, but the most important thing is the SOHO SQUARE entertainment complex, the Sharks Bay Coast, two parts of the area, opposite the SAVOY Hotel, the Sharks Bay, the taxi will cost a maximum of $4-5 to SOHO. Sharma modes of transport and its costs under the heading: Transport at Sharma El Sheikh

пляж мелиа синай soho

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