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Good Ears Of El Sheikh

11 paradise hotels where everyone can get

11 райских отелей, куда может попасть каждыйIt's summer on the finish line, and it's not too much time to enjoy his beauty. The natural desire in the hot and sunny days of this year is the rest of the water. As a rule, the choice of a hotel for leave takes into account the quality of the hotel, because free of work and caring days want to be done best. Fortunately, there is a large number of heaven's proposals that are not only available to fathosums.

Hotel Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)

This hotel is part of the most famous park in Sharm el-Sheikh. There's three pools in the complex, 32 water mountains and their own diner and shop. You can even ride a gondola with a real gondolier!

Hotel Royal Adam " Eve (Turkey)

11 райских отелей, куда может попасть каждыйA hotel for those who get tired and want to change for the first night of rest. All numbers in Royal Adam " Eve white. But with one set of light buttons, they can be painted in yellow, red, orange or any other color. You can wake up every morning in a new environment! By the way, another interesting fact about this hotel is that there are no single men in the hotel. Gentlemen are only settled with their spouses or companions.

Hotel The Marmara Antalya Hotel (Turkey)

This hotel can't miss the same species outside the window. Revolving Loft ' s three-story round building is slowly turning 360 degrees around its axis, opening a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. Another delightful hotel is a cave tunnel that leads to the beach, and the existence of a own fitness center where you'll have an individual training program.

Galaxy Hotel (Greece)

11 райских отелей, куда может попасть каждыйThis is the first hotel in Europe, whose numbers are exclusively hypoallergenic.

Concorde Deluxe Resort Hotel (Turkey)

This hotel is going to love those who are crazy about flying, his building is built as a plane! In addition, the hotel is famous for its luxury service: there are 17 restaurants and bars in the Territory, including its own steakhouse, and there is a huge landscape basin and a spa centre.

Hotel Siam Elegance Hotels " Spa (Turkey)

The hotel is perfect for those who want to feel the color of South-East Asia, but are not ready for a long flight to Thailand. It's like a Thai resort, ranging from architecture and cozy numbers to kitchens and authentic spa-procedures, which do not give way to Thai quality.

Water Planet Deluxe Hotel " Aquapark (Turkey)

This hotel is known as the biggest entertainment center and aqua park on the Mediterranean coast. There are 24 varieties of water mountains, ranging from the most harmless children to those that are explicitly referred to as Kamikaze.

11 райских отелей, куда может попасть каждый 11 райских отелей, куда может попасть каждый 11 райских отелей, куда может попасть каждый 11 райских отелей, куда может попасть каждый

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