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The Beach Leaves The Caron

Asian Trip Day 2 and 3 puket: pathong and caron

Before I started a trip to Asia, I realized that four days on Phuket was probably not enough. That's how it turns out, I'm definitely not gonna make it on Phi Phi, I'm not gonna make it on the island of the film "Plage" or James Bond's Island. Strictly speaking, there's not even a day to just break up on the beach or the pools at the hotel without paying attention to time.

On the other hand, there are benefits. First, strict time disciplines, so he gets to get up early every day to get as far as possible. Secondly, it is better when a place where a little time has been allocated is very much appreciated (and a return can be planned as in the same Hong Kong) than when a place needs to be spent 10 days (as was once in Turkey).

Smells are really good. He may not be as diverse as Bali, not as soulful as Boracai. But on the part of beach quality. Smells as long as they get to the first place, even the Kancuna beaches.

An illustration of this review will be a picture of Thai food. Numerous feedback that Thailand is very good with food has been confirmed. We just need to come in any cafe, ask the menu and order. With a probability of 100 percent, it'll be good.

Impressive now.

1. The impression from a place is largely drawn from the impressions from the place of residence. Phuquet is lucky to stay in a great hotel, which is considered a resort on the one hand, and on the other hand to be away from the party, from the city, and even from the sea: Freedom must walk 20 minutes to the nearest accessible beach, and Patonga can get to a taxi or a free transfer that takes every hour. I've noticed that the hotel population depends largely on their ideology: there is absolutely no Balaguerian Europeans and Galding Chinese who meet at hotels on line one of the sea. Silence, calm and unity with nature after noise resorts.

2. In Patonga, following numerous recommendations, tried Thai massage for three hundred bahts (bat equals two rubles). Impressive: rotted into baranium horns, left no place alive. Joining the recommendations is a test.

3. There's a huge supermarket in the jangzeilon mall on the first floor, where you can buy both souvenirs at acceptable prices and local products. It'll fit for dinner at the balcony.

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