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Hard Rock Hotel

Hard rock hotel pattayahard rock hotel

A new, mature, age-old, but still energies of youth, love for music, passion for life, and created with faith in the credo of the Lubim of All, please all.

A lot of pleasant pets in the numbers, new restaurants, bars and services, all to add the updated Hard Rock Hotel as the main features of Pattia, just like it was 10 years ago when the hotel just opened its doors.

The one and a half-hour drive from Bangkok, the hotel is perfect for work and rest, business meetings and evenings, and is always ready to offer something special for everyone. 323 numbers, including unusual Rock Star and Children ' s Families Lamps, Executive Class, Deluxe number with a view to town and sea for those on rest or on a work trip. You're welcome to a new level of restaurants, bars and clubhouse guests with a special choice of delicates from Asia to the Mediterranean in an exquisite survivorship, as well as the famous Hard Rock Café dishes, the new Lil’Rock Club, the Tabu Tinyger Club, Rock Spa, Hard Rock Rock concerts, and musical events.

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