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Paris Hotel

Traveling my dream to France, part one to Paris.

Путешествие моей мечты по Франции. Часть 1 - Париж. | Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmadeI just got back from my first self-sustained journey. 12 days of travel in France, 5 hotels, 10 cities, an endless number of trains..)

It started with what I found a very interesting tour.париж Looking for the company, but it seemed to be a great pleasure for everyone, so it was a small company of four girls, two of them driving, and decided to make a tour! We've adjusted a little to all the wishes and decided to ride it in the rental car.

Marshrut was such a Brussels-Rouan-Etreta-Oftler-Putai-Limoz-Ax-A-Provence-Lion-Paris-Brugge-Amsterdam for 12 days! Not bad, huh?

Unfortunately, a week before the departure, when everything was bought and booked, our composition was adjusted and there are two of us left. So we rescheduled the hotels and reduced our program: Brussels-Paris (from him to Zierney)-Rouan-Gaware (from him to Onfleur and Etreto)-Avignon (prowans, from him to the shops and nearby towns of Grod, Abbot, Solt, Arle)-Brussels.

путешествие по франции мой париж отдых музеи

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