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Criminal “authorities” abroad

I couldn't resist the reassignment, a couple of those mentioned in the article knew in person, nostalgia, a toast to the nice '90s when it was simple. Everyone stood on one or the other side of the barricade, and they didn't expect a shot in the back. Imagine that there would be a mind like Zachchenko we couldn't even have scary dreams.

Recent cases of Russian mafia founded abroad are mainly referred to Spain. It was here in the 1990s that many of the Soviet Union ' s origins came from the dark past.

The attractiveness of the Iberian peninsula was due not only to the sea and the sun, but also to liberal legislation: the country undergoing economic crisis did not ask rich foreigners about the origin of the money they invested in the purchase and construction of real property. This has greatly facilitated the criminal circles of " laundering " of dirty money obtained during illegal operations in Russia. And only in the 2000s, under pressure from the European Union, Madrid tightened control of financial flows, and the attitude towards the " Russian " to which all former citizens of the Soviet republics were listed here began to change. However, Spain is not the only criminal “authorites” in the second homeland in Germany and in Czech and Greek. Especially since their business has long been very cross-border.

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