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Pyramid Hotel

Responding to the pyramida Hotel 4* in Czech, Prague

Pyramida 4* (Прага)

Maximum load (described on weekends)
For another visit to Prague, a hotel was selected in the last visit of the Prague County Prague Monastery. Made a price - 40 euros for breakfast on the island. The hotel was very fond of the calm green area (Prague 1-Prague 6), the Stragov monastery and the beloved Holy Norbert, less than 10 minutes of walk, the hotel has a couple of beers with a delicious and low-cost kitchen, a tramway stop near the entrance to the hotel. The picture of the hotel itself is made with the Petersian tower:

Pyramida 4* (Прага)It's easy to get from the airport: 191 buses 25 minutes to stop. Vypich (There is a transplant station for people with disabilities: the bus goes on tramways; suitably with the suitcases and not to go anywhere) and six stops (6 minutes) on the tram 22 or 25 before stopping Malovankapractically outside the hotel. Owing to an early arrival at the hotel around 8:00 a.m., they left their suitcases in the storage room. The early settlement was not immediately expected: it was recalled that sports teams, conference participants and other organized groups were staying in the hotel, and that was the truth. When we got back to two hours, we got a whole turn of squats on the board, and we got a number just closer to three. It was Saturday, 30 July, and it may not be so critical in other days and seasons. But it was one of the few minus.
Got a number on the 4th floor full of the description on the website. Our windows were on the tram, there's no tram in the room, quiet.

Pyramida 4* (Прага)Under the minibar, a small refrigerator, water for extra fees, coffee and tea for free. Separate mattresses on the bed. The air conditioner works for heat and cold, no tips. No balcony. In the hallway, a very closet, free safe. Spiritual booth is comfortable, there's a phen, there's no problem with water either. In the numbers Superior (translation - improved) in the bathroom only soap in the dose. Somehow, they didn't find pictures of the bathroom, but they also matched pictures on the booking sites.
The bassin wasn't used, but it's also good for the city hotel. Three elevators in the hotel, when moving up, only a plate from the number is activated. I read in my feedback that sometimes it's hard to wait for the elevator -- we only encountered this problem on the day of departure, and on Saturday, a huge delegation (?) German-speaking retirees, 100. You can buy souvenirs and rides on the first floor. Wy Fai is very fast. The only thing that's coming from some building that's not very visible was the Internet for 24 hours, the cable's broken.

Pyramida 4* (Прага) Pyramida 4* (Прага)

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