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Stampula Map With Hotels

Sultanachmet (sultanahmet) - how to get, map, hotels and boards

Карта района Султанахмет

Sultanakhmet District Map

Map of Sultanakhmet District (clicabel)

How to get to the Sultanakhmet area in Istanbul

Just to the Sultanahmet area, get through the speed branch of the tram to stop Sultanahmet or nearby, depending on what part of Sultanahmet you need to get.

It is also possible to get to Sultanakhmet on a branch outside the Sirkeji station (Sirkeci). That way, it's convenient to get to Sultanachmet, for example, if you're coming from Floria.

Main transport points of Istanbul and distance from Sultanakhmet

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аэропорт Ататюрка на карте Стамбула1. Atatürk Airport (20 km)

2. Sabihi Gekchen Airport (49 km)

3. Bairampasha, Essenler (12 km)

4. Harem vehicle (20 km)

5. Sirkeji Railway Station (1, 5 km)

6. Highdarpasha railway station (20 km)

7. Aksarai (2 km)

8. Laleli (18 km)

9. Sultanachmet

10. Taxim (5, 5 km)

11. Beyoğlu (5 km)

12. Kadykoya (21 km)

How to get to Sultanakhmet from Atatürk Airport

For how to get to Sultanahmet from Atatürk Airport (Europe) see Aeroport Atatürk in “How to get from Ataturk Stambul Airport to Aksaray, Laleli (Laleli), Sultanahmet, Gülhane (Gülhane) Accordingly, to get from Sultanakhmet to Atatürk Airport, everything must be reversed.

как добраться из Султанахмета в аэропорт Ататюрк и Сабиха ГекченHow to get from Sultanakhmet to Sabiha Geckchen Airport

You can get from Sultanakhmet to Sabiha Gekchen Airport (Asia):

On the express tram, get to the stop of Eminönü. There are docks, there is a need to find a dock to Kadıköy (Kadyakoya), sail through Bosphorus and go to Kadykoya. Kadykoya can reach Sabihi Gekchen on the E10 bus or on the Javatash airport bus (by Kadykei-Sabikh Gekchen (if, without traffic, it is possible to reach Khawatash from Kadykei to Sabihi Gökchen in about an hour.улица султанахмет The E10 bus goes a little longer because it stops the city.

With the opening of the Marmarai line, there's still a way to go to Sirkeci station, to get to Marmarai line, to get to Ayrılık Çeşme. There's a subway line going to Kadıköy. From Kadykoya to Havatash, E10 or E10 Express to Sabiha Goekchen Airport.

Also from Sultanahmet to Atatürk and Sabiha Gekchen Airport can be accessed by a service that organizes turfs. The schedule of departure may vary. Look for these shields. A departure from the office. They're asking for 15 minutes before they leave.

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