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Saving in the hambul: 5 cheapest hosts

width="280"Preferably repaid for living in traditional hotels. And so are many. Stumbul's cheap hosts They have a great reputation, allowing for a significant reduction in travel costs to Istanbul. Moreover, in many of them, there are bathrooms with showers, cozy kitchens, and the owners even offer a little breakfast. Even in the cheapest hosts of megapolis, you can find a TV and a washing machine! Stumbul's cheap dorma doesn't have to be in the basements - it could be multi-ethnic houses with balconies, really, without an elevator.

In our review, we will introduce you to the cheapest hosts in Istanbul, where one night will be worth not more than 10 euros (!) but this is not a nightclub, but a very decent dormitory for people who want to pay for a night in Turkish megapolis 4-6 times less than other travellers. Moreover, all dormitories are located in the centre of Istanbul, which means that the main features of the city are within a reasonable reach.

Decided hostels in Istanbul: Soho Hostel Istanbull (7 EUR)

The cheapest hostel is a great place to start a journey. Numbers for men and women and mixed numbers. There's a kitchen, a general refrigerator, a TV and a wifi in the general area. There's a hair dryer in the bathroom. No breakfast. For an extra charge, a safe, baggage storage, laundry, towel. Numbers go outside, get up on the floors down the stairs.

Decided hostels in Istanbul : Soho Hostel Istanbull (8 EUR)

This low price expects a traveller to spend the night only in a six-bed room, and the two-bed number will have to pay twice as much. A host located in Beyo─člu, near the Galat Tower, has a lot of conveniences, starting with free access to WIFI, a safe and even a baggage storage room. Moreover, tourists would welcome free breakfast-- bread, cheese, vegetables, jams and booze, and, of course, coffee and tea. A list of attractive moments will be completed with a kitchen, a washing machine and a free group transfer to the airport.

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