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Курорт КералаThe state of Kerala has reached 900 kilometres along the coast. All India's best hotels are here.

Kerala is considered to be one of the 10 places on the planet that needs to be visited. Here, the beauty of nature is combined with a rich cultural heritage.

Kerala One of India ' s most socially developed states with 100 per cent literacy, the lowest child mortality rate and the longest life expectancy.

There are beautiful sandy beaches in Kerala, but there's something to do besides beach. Living old cities, many temples of different faiths, conservatives, national parks.

Kerala is the most beneficial region of India.

Kerala is the home of Aurveda and the aurved massage. Here, you can enjoy the rest of the ocean in combination with aurved treatment. The state of Kerala has a great choice of SPA hotels and aurved centers, where you will be diagnosed, offering a classic aurved massage.

Pooled beach resorts of Kerala - Kovalam, Marari, Kumarak, Alappuza, Bapore, Varcala, Cappad, Kochi, Ejimala, Thangasseri. All beaches on the resorts are sandy with buoy tropical vegetation, public and free, usually small.

Pupil aurved resorts of Kerala - Tapovan, Isola Di Kokko, Somatiram, Kadow, Manaltrim. These resorts provide conditions for the restoration of the mental balance and the improvement of the organism. The whole climate, the abundance of curative grass and the saturated air are the best conditions for Aurveda.

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