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Young Horgades

Young Egyptians

Royal Rojana Resort — 5*Egypt has become incredibly popular among tourists around the world, becoming a pearl summer rest. Such enviable status has been achieved by the primary service, relatively low prices, only solar weather and hotels, which have all the necessary attributes for quality and full recreation. Give you the ratings.

Royal Rojana Resort - 5*

This five-star hotel is recognized as one of the most demanded in Egypt. It is a pleasure for young people to come down here in order to snuff and rest, clerk paintings and swim in the pool. This hotel is scattered by the shore and has fresh, delicious and appetite food. There is always a full and balanced diet that affects diversity.молодежные отели египта Slight numbers of high comfort deserve special attention. The particular feature of this hotel is that there are various occupation animations, discotheques, for the morning.

The hotel is different from service delivery 24 hours a day. It is designed for a younger population, because it contains everything in its arsenal that is necessary for young people not to be bored.Grand Azur Horizon — 4* If you want to light it properly, as well as with your eyes to see the cabaret, you must go in. UFO Discowhich has been recycled under Mars. The animation of the local presentation is for the Russian-speaking, so it's not gonna be boring. Well, of course, think of what you're bringing from Egypt.

ServicesFor childrenDescription of numbersPrice
Молодежные отели Египта- SPA Centre;
- A clinic;
Green Land is a recreational zone;
- Reseps;
- Souvenir shops;
- Car parking.
- A pool for children;
Children ' s bed;
- Mini Club for Children
- Mini-disco;
- Children ' s space;
- Fen;
- Refrigerator;
- The safe;
- Telephone;
- coffee, tea;
- Mini bar;
- soul;
cable TV;
- air conditioner and shampoo.
$1,000 and above (8 days)

Dessole Pyramisa Sharm El Sheikh Resoer - 5*

This not less-required five-star hotel is considered to be one of the most prestigious for target audiences - young people. He's on the most fabulous coast. Red Sea♪ If you don't think of yourself without an attractive bronze tan, at your service. own beach. the hotel at his disposal. Besides, you're gonna be interested in pools that are around 6 grand.

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