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Ratting Of The Best Surgical Hotels

Egyptian hotels: Feedback from Egyptian hotels, better descriptions and

Best Egyptian hotel ratings (Egypt 2016: 3-4 stars, 5 stars). Lap descriptions, photos and feedback from hotel tourists. Expert councils on Egypt. Hotel prices and booking.

Feedback from experts on hotels in Egypt

Translation of Tonquities

In Egypt, so popular with millions of tourists, the hotel sector is very well developed. Recreation services for both regular budget hotels, boards and dormitories, and stunning five-star hotels. The main hotel networks are located in the resort zones of Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh, Jurgada and Luxora.

The curious thing is, the cost factor and the " star " of the hotel in the choice of location are far from the point of view. Although Egyptian hotels are classified by star level and certified by the local Ministry of Tourism, the ranking criteria are complex and unclear: the number and hotel area as a whole, the convenience and the proposed service are taken into account. For the first time, therefore, it is better for the hotel reservations to be entrusted to professionals who know all possible " underwater stones " of Egyptian hotels.

Types of accommodation in Egypt

The market of luxury hotels in Egypt is developing actively: non-profit investments are invested in fantastic design and luxury of apartheid. Especially since there is a large demand for this type of accommodation: secured tourists, mostly from Western Europe, prefer to rest in exceptional circumstances.

Economies-grade housing is based on the " second-line " negligent and low-cost hotels, where services can be obtained at least as far away from the beach at a lower price. But they are said to be " face-to-face " .

The two- and three-star hotel (not recommended to be considered below class) is likely to be 30 or more. Four and five stars are usually large hotels with two restaurants, a bar, a pool, Internet access.

International networks

International networks, of course, are more in line with the generally accepted classification, but their presence is traditionally low. The cost of the two rooms in such a hotel would range from 100 USD (LE550) to 500 USD (LE2, 750). Payments are made in dollars (only Egyptians are paid in local currency, with a substantial discount of up to 50 per cent) and all hotel services, including food and beverages, are taxed at 24 per cent, 5 per cent.

In Egypt, a firm currency is generally preferred: dollars or EUR. Local money can also be paid (especially in hotels) but less trust, bank notes are more carefully checked, etc.

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