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Churgades For Children

Rest with children in the hurgade

Отдых в ХургадеThe country ' s largest maritime resort in Egypt, the Hurgad, which has become a pioneer in the field of mass tourism, still has a leading position in shaping the bulk of tourism offers. From a small village, it quickly became known and one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Red Sea. The region is characterized by a well-developed infrastructure, making recreation here comfortable and endless. Egypt ' s resort zone - Khurgagad has a multi-kilometre coastal strip. It begins in a single-name town, which includes the old town of El Dahar and the new, Sakkala, as well as a tourist complex composed of 200 hotels and reaching Safag. Soma Bay and Macadi Bay are making vacations in Hurgada magically and resembled.

Numerous offshore stretched from the south to the north, their network is expanding every month and is being supplemented by a new ferry-track hotel. The growing demand has contributed to the fact that the tourism industry is developing new territories and more travellers are arriving in Hurgad. The flow of tourists to the region is a major incentive to improve the existing fund, as many hotels already have a fairly " decent " age. Hotels built at the dawn of this resort area are significantly lower than modern, improved accommodation proposals.

The coastline to date includes new areas and throughout its territory, tourists are offered vacations in Jurgad in different categories. It could be the luxury five-star hotels or guesthouses. Reshalers have the opportunity to choose the type of residence in their tastes and purses, especially since the prices in Egypt (Hurada) are in the widest range. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that, in most cases, the cost of living is democratized and accessible.

In these parts, tourists can travel at the centre of the tourism booth, Sakkale, the Duti Free Trade Centre, where they are waiting for crafts and design clothing, exclusive jewellery and original souvenirs. For the chopholics coming to the Hurgada resort, there's a real paradise here and practically a priceless place to be the owner of elite goods.

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