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Hotel Network of the Kalininian Anne Hotel, Cheboxara

Repertoire of the Russian hotels.

Type: Hotel complex
Telephone for booking: 8(8352)63-42-48

Anne Kalinin Hotel Network

We're happy to introduce you to the new network of the Anna Kalina Hotel, the Cheboxara Hotel, the Brezki Hotel, the Meer Hotel, the Slavian, Specter, Veda. Currently, the association consists of six hotels of different classes in three cities in Russia: Cheboxarakh, Kanashe and Kurgan.

Hotel prices Anna Kalina Hotel

350r for knocks.

Photographs of the hotel network

Anna Kalina Hotel Network

Гостиница сеть гостиниц Анны Калининой Чебоксары

Hotel feedback from Anne Kalinina Hotel, Cheboxara

Not a lie! The Veda Hotel (one of the network hotels) can live 350 days. Check!

You can take a half-lux to the city's yards per 1,000r and taxi 150 to the center, and if it's personal and cheaper.

It's not clear why DIS's phone is listed here, but the price of the WEDA hotel. Come on. The cheapest number in DIS is 2140, but it's breakfast. It'll be 1640 without it. In short, we don't take 350 rubles, but the number should be worth so much. Otherwise, the crowd will run and they won't be able to sleep at night.

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