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Ghosts come suddenly

The ghosts are hard to imagine, they always come unexpectedly when you don't expect them at all. Numerous eyewitnesses who have seen guests from the outside world have remembered their meetings for life.

The deceased son visited the mother

This unusual case occurred in the fall of 1907, more than 100 years ago. That year, on 11 October, Mrs. Rosa Sutton of Portland received a letter from her son. James, the lieutenant of the United States Navy, went to the Navy Academy in Annapolis (Centa Maryland), and he touched his mother and wrote regularly to her knowing that she was waiting with anxiety for every eye of him. Although the next letter was rather alarming and did not contain information about any trouble or problems, Rose Sutton suddenly had an unexplained alarm, her mother's heart felt bad.

Signs and relatives have calmed Rose, convinced of her inadvertent fears, but she was right, the next day an unhappy woman was notified of her son's death. It was reported that James was running a drunk fight, fighting torn apart, but the lieutenant didn't calm down, came home for a gun to get revenge on the abusers. The police tried to arrest him and disarm him, and then he killed himself, shooting out of the gun.

Rosa Sutton was like a rocker, and she sat by squeezing a notice staring right in front of her, and couldn't even cry. And there's suddenly her son in the corner of the room! His long-distance figure in a long military tire was so close to the pain of a sign, James had a calm and very sad face. Later, she remembered: " Jimmy stood me up and said a familiar voice: " Mom, I never killed myself... there was no blood on my hands as much as it was at my age five years. " After that word, James was like growing up in the air and his mother fainted.

When she started showing up, she was like sleeping spikes, and she started to get pictures of what happened to her son. A few people attack James, hit him with legs and nails in the face and in the body, and then one of the scumbags pulls a gun and tries a living lieutenant. Rosa Sutton was stumbling, now she knew she had a purpose in her life, she had to restore the good name of her boy and to punish his killers.

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