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Carbon Bars With Treatment


Санаторий Bristol PalaceThe Barristol Palace Sanatorium is located in the centre of the resort, only 3 minutes from sources.

Expert opinion

Bristol Palace is one of the leaders in the Karl Wars on the quality of sanatorium treatment. This is explained, first, by the long tradition of resort treatment, since the Sanatorium was a member of the health department of the USSR. Secondly, his administration ' s policies have largely preserved the experience of sanatorium treatment, which has accumulated for decades. Thirdly, in the sanatorium, very experienced medical personnel, some doctors have been working in Bristol Palace for over 20 years. This allows us to build upon the vast experience of sanatorium-curror treatment. The most important point that distinguishes Bristol Palace from other resort sanatoriums is the existence of an excellent diagnostic base that allows for a variety of laboratory tests to detect the state of blood sugar and fat, special studies at all types of sugar diabetes, the condition of liver, kidneys and urea, upper respiratory paths, the degree of development risk Of course, the sanatorium is also profitable by offering its guests the procedure for the submarine extraction of the spine. The Bristol Palace medical staff has been conducting it for more than 15 years under the classical methodology, with and without additional weights. With regard to the convenience of the Sanatorium, the numbers in the Bristol Palace are sufficiently comfortable and equipped with all necessary rest. Some inconvenience is the unstable free Wi-Fi Internet and the absence of air conditioners. The quality of the food is measured at a very good level, a wide range of breakfast, lunch and dinner is offered daily. The menu contains dietary and vegetarian dishes. A specialist dietologist is assisting in the development of an individual dietary plan.

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