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Международный Туристский Форум в городе Сочи 21 - 25 ноября 2016

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The level of development of the Sochi Hotel is an undisputed leader on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar province. The assumptions for this mass are not only the largest resort in the country, but also the capital of the winter Olympics.Гостевой дом Замок у моря в поселке Головинка The hotels in Sochi are different from the fine five-star hotels to the economists (frequent mini-hosts). In the central part of the city, there is a shortage of low-cost and quality hotels. Such facilities are concentrated mainly in the mamaika neighbourhoods, the Vineyard, the Foxy Mountain.

The first coastline of the resort is occupied by sanatoriums, boards, large hotels, elite housing units. Private hotels are generally second line and further. Finding an affordable location near the beach is a difficult task, you have to make a broner for the summer.рыбалка в марте The city has a rather complicated track that needs to be taken into account in the choice of the hotel, because it's sometimes hard to get back from the beach. The price levels in the hotels of the central region of the city are relatively higher than that of the sea and centre, the lower the price. Sochi ' s hotels work throughout the year, the price of numbers in the inter-season is dropping markedly, and it's the best time to look at all the sights, so rest in Sochi in the fall, winter or spring is always good and pleasant.

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