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Бизнес Турист ВашОтель
Min. Price:3230 RUB
Max. Price:8700 RUB

Photo Hotel Business Tourist Yours

This modern hotel is located in Moscow less than 1 km from the Botanical Garden and the entire Russian exhibition centre. The garden, the restaurant of the traditional Russian kitchen and the sauna. The registration desk is working 24 hours a day.

The guests of the capital are pleased to meet. There are now 89 different class numbers. Being in the hotel will be calm and as comfortable as possible. Every room has a refrigerator, a TV and a plumber.
The staff of the hotel are a bit of a cliff. The hotel has a three-star hotel status, indicating a high level of service and compliance with all quality standards. Wash Hotel, Business-Turist, is located in the vicinity of the WVC, and there is also a major RAN botanical garden in which many plants can be treated.
The hotel is in an ecologically clean area of the capital, which is one of Moscow ' s most painting places. The hotel has optimum conditions not only for comfortable rest but also for business meetings and negotiations. Fully equipped conference rooms and negotiating rooms with all the necessary office equipment are waiting for business people from all over the country.
All the numbers are signalling, the corridors and halls are equipped with surveillance cameras, all this is done to maximize the safety of visitors. There's a secure parking lot in the Territory, and you can also use storage cells.

Wash Hotel - Business-Turist

The Business-Turist Hotel has been hosting tourists from around the world for over 60 years. The Biznes-Turist Hotel is located in one of the ecologically clean areas of the capital city, Moscow painting site. Most recently, Business-Turist became one of the hotels of the Wash Hotel. The Business-Turist Hotel ' s number fund is 89 different classes and costs.

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