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Unusual Mosquito Hotels

The most unusual hotels of Moscow

Butik-otel-Schenonso.jpgMost people prefer comfort hotels like Delta Moscow. But now there are many exotics. It's the kind of people who will be happy to stop not just in a comfortable hotel, but also in a unique hotel. There are many of them in Moscow. What hotels in the capital are the most unusual?


It's a boutique hotel, this direction is now very popular. Chenonso is an accurate copy of a well-known French one-name castle located in the Laura live valley.

Otel-Sovetskii.jpgThe hotel is ready to offer nine different numbers. There are single rooms, standard, semiluxes and lux. The hotel is really awesome. Mid-wave atmosphere, expensive paintings, sophisticated furniture, a hotel filled with French balloons. He'll be the perfect place for a lover who wants to spend a honeymoon in the capital.


I have to say that the outside view of the hotel and the service is not exactly the same as the humble name. It's a great hotel complex that started to exist more than half a century ago.

A lot of celebrities lived in the hotel during his existence. There's even a special staircase where we can find the portrait of Exodsky and Pugachova, Schwarznegger and Chuck Norris. They all lived in the Sovetsk.


This hotel is a man of creativity. It's not surprising, the hotel is really unique in its design. Each number has its inexorable interior.

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