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Shimferopoul Hotel

Special proposals


295053, Republic of Crimea

g. Simferopol,
Oil. Kievski, 2

Bonding Division:
Administrator: +7(3652)

Bonding Division:

Hosper menu with 15 percent discount

At the Moskva restaurant, Hosper menu with a discount of 15 percent! For those who don't know, it's a closed furnace that's drowning in the coal. ♪ ♪

Summer time of discount

It's summer time for a discount at the Shimferopol Hotel Moskva from 12:00 to 15:00, a discount on all menu 15 percent. Unforced atmosphere, pleasant interior, delicious meals. ♪

Dinner discount

All customers of the Moskva Hotel in Simferopold City receive a 10 per cent discount on the settlement.

Hotel wedding

During the wedding ceremony at the Simferopol Hotel Moscow, our hotel gives young women one night in the comfortable Lux.

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