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President Of The Moscow Hotel

The capital authorities approved a project for the renovation of the President

Photo: TAS/Iraqli Choonelidze

On 14 May, the Moscow City Gravity and Land Commission approved the project for the renovation of the Resident-Otel, the press service of the Moskstroyinvest.

Representatives of the Department added that the additional hotel building project had been refined so that the building did not close the view on Kreml.

The "President Hotel" on the Big Jakimanca will be able to build an additional building of 29,700 square metres, noted by the committee.

"There is currently a 78,870 square meters hotel building built in 1983 at the address," which was explained to the Moskstroinvest Press Service.

Most of the new building will have a multi-function hall for various activities, and a parking garage will be placed underground.

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The new building project has been redesigned to reflect the recommendation of the architectural community, as the previous project has closed the species panoramas on the Ivan College of the Great and the Moscow Cremlint, added to the press service.

Let's note that the Resident Representative until 1992 was the name of the Hotel Octabre. For its time, the hotel project was expensive enough to accommodate high-ranking people.

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