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Number In The Mosquito Hotel

Roscoe number of the Metropol Hotel is a legitimate cause for pride

Every number, like, tells his story Moscow.

Grand Deluxe

The sharpness of the art deco style, the escrow of modern architectural solutions with the thickness of luxury, the view of the Lubyan area and the " Children ' s World " outside the window, is the new Grand Deluxe of the Metropol Hotel. The number consists of two simple rooms separated by a wooden door, rooms and bedrooms are dominated by cream and grey tone, such designs give the space neutrality and, according to scientists, they also rely on recreation. A separate mention is a bathroom that can be described as a perfectly convenient one with full right: if you like to go to the foam at your service, you prefer a beggar shower, a shower cab.

The room is also equipped at the highest level, the suite has two Samsung TVs with a flat screen, a musical system for iPad and iPhone and drip coffee machine, a word, all necessary for comfort. Also to hotel guests: free Wi-Fi, safe, mini bar and access to the Official Loungs.
Number area: 65 m2


Elegant Deluxe in the dangerous tones, localized geometry pheno, is the true quintessence of the style and standards of the Metropol Hotel in action. In this space, the classical interrier meets modernistic forms, the puno harmonized with the Rustam Hamdamov pencils, and the special lighting system, localized, creates soft, scattered light. The number consists of one room, but with a clear emphasis, it is divided into areas: working with a convenient written table, bedroom and living room, where the hold and couch are located. There is everything that is necessary to create a sense of comfort and home loop: a flat screen and a diagnostic 48, a mini bar, a portable music station, a superspeed Wi-Fi provided to hotel guests free of charge.

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