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Places in the Pskov area to visit

A little trip to the Pskov region is an excellent option for those who want to rest from the city's wind. Interesting places, fresh air, new Russian foods, and all this is fast and cheap.


The closer you go to Pskov, the harder it is to get out of the window. There are also vice lakes, and crossroads of foxes and the aist's side. And right behind the side, the sea of mushrooms.

The city itself, located 60 kilometres from Estonia and 100 kilometres from Latvia, is a finding for those who like to explore non-trivial sites. An unbelievable number of old churches recently built on the coast: from here, a beautiful view on the outgoing Valley River. Fearless, almost manual ducks that like dogs eat bread with their hands. Quiet strings, the charm of a small town, where the houses of the times of the king are adjacent to the Soviet architecture. Funny sights are, for example, "The Pogans of Houses," one of the buildings of the Pskov Story and Architectural Preservant Museum.

The main places in the city are, of course, the Pskovian fortress and the Pskovian creml. There are many souvenir loops and antique stores with a grand collection of books, dishes and household items of different ages.

Any Pskovian restaurant makes guests happy with low prices. Authentic cuisine should be seen in the restaurant of Rusak, whose chef successfully implemented the modern interpretation of the Russian cuisine (especially the troile with smoke). Another interesting place is the Gashtrob Mojo. It's located two steps from the entrance to Kreml, there's a non-standard menu and a pleasant atmosphere.
Compared to Moscow and St. Petersburg, the price of hotels in Pscove is very affordable, a suitable hotel room and 1,000 roubles can be found. And the less cost-effective tourists will come from the Doors of Podson and Old Estate. The first is in a small distance from the centre and is located in the renovated buildings of the sixteenth century, which gives rise to a certain degree of sororority. In addition to the Spa, a few nice restaurants with the Russian kitchen can be found in the hotel. Survival in Old Estate will cost a little more costly, but he also has a better location.

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