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Find a cheap hotel in a mosquito

Номер категорииEveryone knows Moscow is the city of dear. But even here, we can find a house of economy class. So, if you need a low-cost hotel, Moscow is cheap to be in the Metallurg Hotel. It is located near the centre of the Russian capital. It's convenient to get here from Kazan, Belarusian, Leningrad and Jaroslava. The location greatly facilitates the planning of business commanders in the context of megapolis and allows for the well-being of Moscow, which is very large in the city.

The immediate vicinity of Metallurga is the Catherine Park and the Olympic Sports Complex. For art clerks, it would be interesting to visit the Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army, as well as the Theatre Satyricon, the name Arkadia Rykin. Remind the children of the guests of the hotels will be able, thanks to the Theatre of the Beast of the Durov, known by its unique " Extreme Railway " , and thanks to the Thirku on the Cold Bulvar.

Номер категорииDecreased residence in Moscow

This eco-class hotel has a wonderful transport connection, built around three metropolitan stations: Dostoev, Mendeleev and Novoslaboda. This proximity allows tourists to reach any point of megapolis within a short time. Ten minutes on the Moscow subway, and hotel guests will be in the heart of the Russian capital, near Kreml and Red Square.

Choice. Hotel in Moscow cheapbut comfortably, you can rest in our hotel. The guest invites the guests of Standart, the Econom. All units are equipped with televisions, refrigerators, telephones, separating sanusle. Bath and cosmetics are waiting in the bathrooms. A wireless high-speed Internet is available throughout the hotel. A DVD player may be provided upon request by the residents. There's a laundry at the hotel, whose staff will take care of the clean-up of hotel guests.

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