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Hotel Gold Coloss Of Moscow

Numbers in the gold collos hotel, Moscow:

Гостиница Золотой Колос, МоскваGold Colos Hotel prices:

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Hotel calls

Vasiliy + WI-FI - Free WI-FI needs to be updated, even single shampoos need to be purchased separately.
It's been a year since I had to go to Moscow, naturally for myself, I chose this hotel, there's never been a problem, there's a great number in four boxes. The armoring department is working up, it's only worth calling, and a nice girl (name I don't remember exactly Natalia) will always tell us what numbers are. The guest is in a great place near the subway. The staff are working at altitude. The girls on the stud are very welcome and charming. The Swedish table deserves attention, it's delicious. So I advise everyone if you stand in front of your choice here!
I lived in this hotel for two weeks in a row, so my opinion of the hotel is checked by time. In the gold coloss, in the armoring department, I was contacted by a nice young man who explained that there were no single rooms, there was only two-bed. It can be booked, and there's a solution to move in. And I did. And then at the hotel, there were no problems with a single room (and not a double room like I booked). The number for 2,000 thousand inside was cozy, but clean. Of course, the wall sometimes started with arches and sighs, which could have lasted all night. But it wasn't a lot. The Swedish table and the café staff were nice, too. Although, in two weeks, the same food's out of order. It's not bad, it's nothing.
The guests stayed there twice, booked twice on the Internet! Greetings, caring maids! Attention, courtesy, advice! It's a beautiful Swedish table for breakfast! Just feel like home! Thank you and thank you for the booking service!
rex At 16:50, I approached the duty officer and learned the interesting news. Turns out, since I was leaving earlier, I had to ask for a return. And the duty officer even mentioned it on the phone, but I didn't react. It turns out that a lot of people are leaving unused hotel amounts to memory. But I think 5,000 are large tips. With the extra money from the hotel to return the BOYAZAN, the rules haven't been cancelled. And now I had to go to another building with all my things, because in the 4th, you see, there wasn't so much money. The duty officer came to me with the words "prepar for about an hour and write a lot of paperwork." Indeed, I had to write a statement for the return of the money, and I also had to fill the parish. Well, at least they gave the money fast. However, having lost 20 minutes, I was late for an electricity from the Savlovsky Station and had to change the plane ticket by getting home at 1:00 in the morning instead of 9:00 p.m.
Mr. Monu ' s guest was paid until 8.07.2006. Unfortunately, I had to leave 6.07.2006, urgently. At 16:00, I went back to the hotel and told the duty officer I was leaving at 17:00. Five minutes later, she called me in the room and the next conversation was: Are you leaving now? - Yeah. Five hours. - Yeah. You're paid until Saturday, you know? - Yeah. - And there'll be 91 rubles for the phone. - Okay. Continued.
lu Hotel is located in several hulls with a total number 15, both sides of the road (even and uneven) with a rare taxi driver approaching the right.
Gil's guest in the room for 2900. Nice number. Except there's no ventilation system in the room, you have to open windows through which all life is taken: bugs, spiders, etc. Ventilation, which is included in the bathroom when light is activated, low. Croats have frames welded from metal boxes that are circumcised by the edges of which are not stripped and unprotected by sludge, causing blood to itself a few times. There's a water detector and a fridge in the room. City phone 53 cops/minutes. Paying better gradually, otherwise there may be problems.
Guest only from there (4 hull I think) = I loved it. The plates are clean, but after repair, everything is new, nice... (2) There's a nice girl sitting on the board, and there's no other employee who's ever encountered, because she's taken a number for a few hours. It's a beautiful move, an hourly payment (from 1 to 12 hours) Breli's half-lux (two-room) (breath big, 2 TVs) for one night was at a price like ordinary economies. I can't say anything about breakfast. Only found out that there were 1 min-1 rubles on Moscow. For the rest of the regions/countries, the Book of Gostia has been issued. Anyway, from the first time I met this hotel, TOLCO is enjoying an impression.
Hotel Restonovated in the hotel in April 2006 for 4 days in a two-bed room (but lived alone) with a broad bed) $2,300 a day. It's a decent number, but it's no search: a televisor, a fridge. ♪ Sanuszelvanna/Tualet, clean but not new. At the beginning of the settlement, she discovered a frymous soap and a shampoo that had not been updated for more than four days, nor did the towel change? It's morning's breakfast, "Swed table," but it's pretty uniform, it's four days: omelet, yogurt, ham, cheese, greasy, rice, sausage, tea, coffee and... all) The staff are polite, we should celebrate. The hotel itself is quiet, cozy, big plus-minute 3 from the subway "VNH." ♪ In principle, I'm happy.
The history of our relationship with the Golden Colos lasts more than 1, 5 years. The numbers are comfortable. Breakfast is cut (for 3 stars) but there's one LE! And pretty serious... Service! You come to breakfast, and you have a guest card with a face like you took $100,000 from this girl first, and then a guy with a beloved dog took... So it's a half-bath... swallowing an unpleasant impression, remembering why you came here and writing a couple of sausages... The funniest thing is that they call "room service"! Turns out, "room service" is when you're trying to reach out to Restoran from your room and you're getting on the answering machine that asks to fax your request.
The guest traveled to Moscow twice last year. Lived in the Jaroslava and the Golden Colos. The difference is huge, although the price level is the same. This year, I'm sure I'll be back at the Golden Colos, hoping that the quality of services will be at the same level. Thank you.
The guest doesn't know who, and I'm perfectly acceptable. For the money they're asking, you won't stop at COSMOCE. Comparing similar conditions. There's a savings discount, quiet, cheap, normal service. Anyway, in the semester and the hat, for the same money, most hotels are worth a lot more than "Wash Dom", "Jaroslav" and a few others... It's a decent hotel, I like it.
I lived here seven years ago, there was no exit. And now we had a study at Cosmos and lived in the Colos. So it turns out that it's enough to change old grandfather's position as director for a young guy, so that the horror, dirt and chamme that I've seen, it's changed to some unthinkable but low-cost civilization.
ccc The Color House is the house of the colonel.
Nikolay Gili was hot in the summer, but it doesn't belong to the hotel itself. We liked it, the territory is very green and large, and there are also forest saturations, Botanical garden, very long and beautiful.
Oleg is a nice hotel, and next to the subway. It's convenient and comfortable. The number is good and people are decent, thank you.
Oleg Galkin was in the Golden Colos. It's a good number and that the NSA hotel is important to us, we can advise. Total hotel
The Ekaterina left the room on April 9, like nothing, but breakfast is too uniform and don't go to the hairdresser's NI in the CFE!
Antonina Rested at the hotel in May 2009. It's disgusting, food's worse, feeding the cheapest foods, the expired yogurts, the invisible garnish, it's all cold. The dishes were fat and badly washed, the cleaner was not Russian. I don't know what she wants. I don't advise you to visit this hotel.
Vasilieva O.V. The guest is not guarded. Numbers take off any blends, there's an absolute vacuum. My acquaintance was kept all night in a room against her will and the administration couldn't do anything. The Administrator is a young girl with only her hands, pray, the number is paid. There was no single call to the police to hurt his reputation. For your good, don't book the numbers!
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