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Mini Hotel in Prague

почасовые отели москва

The speciality of our mini-host at the Prazy and South Metro is a domestic and quiet environment conducive to a pleasant vacation. We guarantee a high level of comfort and service. If necessary, you can order food and drinks. You have free wireless Internet and cable television.

If you need to spend just a few hours in the room, you don't have to overpaid. We have a flexible payment system, you can take the number in our hotel on Prague for an hour, night, 24 hours or a few hours. Payment is made on the basis of the time spent. You can book apartheid for the necessary amount of time, free on the website or on the phone.

How to get there.

Our branch is located at the Red Lighthouse 15. We can get to our hourly hotel from the subway South, Prague, Yangele Academy Street on public or private transport.

Public transport

The Ranjevu Hotel from the subway should be moved from the subway to the town from the south underground lobby to the Kirovgrad Street and Red Mayaka Street. You've got to go right and then straight, no turning around, go to the end of the tunnel and go outside.

On the left of the subway, there will be TC Prague Grad and the bus stop ahead. We need to sit on bus Nos. 225, 680, 796, 796, 796, (booth), 831 or on route No. 225, and go to the portbase stop (6 stops). By leaving the bus, you'll see the hotel on the opposite side of the street.

Car ride

We can also get to our hotel in UAO Moscow. Mobile route from the centre of Moscow: we need to move on the street of Lucinsky, then on the Warsaw highway and turn to Red Mayaka. From the subway station, the Prague has to turn to the Chertan street and drive right past the Gazpromneft. Follow the Red Light.

Mobile route from Moscow province: ICAD must travel to the Warsaw highway from which to turn to the ground. Red Mayaka.

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