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Art Hotel Mosk

Che is open on a small dmitrov

The new hotel is in the courtyard of the Chekovsky house.

The hotel ' s concept and design has been done by a famous artist Olga Soldatov, and the result promises a " fresh reading of Czech works " . As shocking as it is, it depends on your perception, especially since all the numbers in Chech are different, the two same, you're definitely not gonna find two identical stories in Chekov.

" We have the names of Plateau No. 6, Manoch in Futlar, Duchess, Chern Garden and Chaika. The names aren't all 22 numbers, but all the numbers about Chekov. And all his pictures, the pencil on the rug, his books and his books. And most importantly, formalization. Hotel never Not completed. It will be updated by new books, artistic works, some of them will be painted by our guests, something we will add to the gallery. Now, I'm personally writing a portrait of Chekov, writing a pepper, lying in a red bath, telling Olga Soldatov Time Out.

There's a lot of color in Che, saturated red, yellow, blue. There are very calm, almost white, mostly small.

The prices, by the way, are small, especially for the center. From 5,800 roubles a night to 8,600 roubles for Family+. So if, for example, relatives or friends have come to visit you, they can live in She without prejudice. And their neighbor may be famous because the theatres, gallerys and studios are among the partners of this hotel.
Speaking of which, the hotel has bikes.

Moscow was divided into two camps: those who could be " uncomfortable " for the future of the city and those who were not ready.

Each concert will be combined with an exhibition of one of the masters of the gallery and will connect the tradition and the vanguard.

Москва третий день стоит в пробках из-за перекопанного центра В Третьяковке пройдет новый фестиваль камерной музыки Vivarte

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