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7 Stars Dubai

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Dubai Mall - Дубаи, Объединенные Арабские ЭмиратыAtlantis The Palm 5* - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I can't get into the hotel myself. She's on the island, and the land is connected to the bridge. He started a security checkpoint. Special guests of honour are brought here on a helicopter whose landing site is located on the roof of the hotel. Since Burj Al Arab - The best hotel in Dubai.There's a lot of tours here: curiosity tourists are looking at everything with unconscionable admiration.

Dubai's services are unpredictable, the level of service is so high, it seems that everything here is doing some magical way. Numerous restaurants, launge café and bars are always ready to feed the guests with crazy delicious power and, of course, vegetation. Greatly developed infrastructure is all Dubai's hotels with their own beach, and there's everything here to satisfy the wishes of the guests. They're entertaining them with guided tours, safari on jeeps or quadrocycles, sava park visits.

There's the only hotel in the world. Dubai 7 stars♪ He's called Jungle, and he's costing his makers $350 million.

JA Oasis Beach Tower 5* is located in Dubai, near the beach of Jumeira Beach, surrounded by awesome stores and restaurants. The hotel is well suited to rest with the family and to stay long, as the number fund consists of simple apartments with several bedrooms and their own kitchen. Also for your services are three pools, a gym, a sauna, a couple, five bars and restaurants, a children ' s club and a lot of other things. The public beach is located across the street from the hotel. In addition, free transfers to the private beach of the JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort are arranged every day.

A complex of seven magnificent villas Malakiya Villas (transferred as " queen villas " ) for the most inflammatory tourists is part of the Madinat Jumeira resort located on the fenile coast of Jumeira Emirat Dubai. It's the highest level of residence proposed on the resort.

This ecological complex, located in the centre of the desert, belongs to the company of luxury hotels and resorts of Starwood Hotels " Resorts " , and is the owner of many international awards, one of which he received in 2010 in Conservation Award.

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