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The wolf

отели на волге в тверской
Dmitri Rodion

Project Manager

"Jaroslav Squad."

“We wanted the maximum number of trees retained in construction. The designers argued, "What are you guys laughing at? You want to build houses so you don't touch the woods? It won't work. But we did. Sometimes, they swapped the house on the maquita ten times to find the only right position in which the pines on the ground would be perfect. Indeed, there is even a house where the pine has grown through the pond floor: the builders have had to circumvent the tree barrel when the cattle is being erected.”

Playing and new green parking on the Volga

The special pride of the Jaroslava Square is a landing for large cruise heaters. This is an important component of the Green Parking.

The Yaroslav Smurf was built by the Federal Target Tourism Program. There are three remittances from the investor for one federal money.

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