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Vienna City

Excellence veins are five stars

The inexorable combination of old and contemporary Vienna is as harmonious as the musical works created by its composers. Austria ' s capital is rightly regarded as one of the most beautiful European cities - the diversity of architectural styles, from chotomy to postmodernist, making every building rememberable and special.

However, Vienna is a major financial and industrial centre. All the country ' s transport arteries intersect here. In terms of the quality of life of the population, this city has been ranking the first place in the world for four consecutive times, so you can book hotels in Vienna without further fear, and you will be guaranteed comfort and comfort.

The five-pronged hotels of Vienna are generally located close to the historic sites and places that would necessarily want to visit: St. Stefan, Emperor Palace of Hofburg, State Operation Theatre or City Park of Stadt Park. The best hotels will provide you with comfortable, modern rooms with one or more bedrooms, laundry, magnificent terraces on the roof with a view to the city ' s sight, the services of the fitness centres, the Spa salons, the gyms. The excellent restaurants that have been set up by virtually every hotel in Vienna will be pleased by the delicate kitchens of different countries. The wireless Internet and parking are traditional services that are provided free of charge.

5 star hotels in the middle of the city are the Topazz boutique, built in 1913 by Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof, the Hotel de France Wien 1872, and the elegant old Grand Hotel Wien. The Austrian capital offers tourist housing and entertainment for any taste. Here, we can see the performances of the famous Vienna Opera, look at countless sights, or just breathe fresh clean air to the beautiful self-propelled streets of the city. You'll remember your life.

3 stars

Ven's sober hotels will find something to please their guests. From a quiet alley of Carlton's old hotel, the Opera can reach known sights in 15 minutes and only five minutes before the Vienna Opera. Favorites of modern style can be placed in the Hotel Alpha is a new hotel, which is located near the Houses of Parliament and the City Hall makes it perfect for travel. You will be satisfied with the service that provides Zipser, Pension Neuer Markt, Suite Novotel Wien Messe and Adagio Wien Zentrum. In the central part of the city, which covers the street of Ringschtrasse, you can find something interesting in any place you've laid down.

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