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The Pushkin Mountains Are Gone

Pushkin mountains.

Музей-усадьба Михайловское

Mihailova Preaching Museum

A.S. Pushkin ' s family name is Mikhailovsky village in 20 minutes from the hotel.

The road passes through the village of Bugrovo, past the Music complex of the Bugrovo village, and further along the vice forest road to the Mikhailovski Museum. Going to the cliff with the sign of "The Road to the House of the Poet," we have to turn to the Yellow Alley, which begins the Mihaylovsky landing park.


Trigorsky, the name of the Praskovia of Alexandrovna Osipova-Wulf, whose family Pushin had had the most friendly and trusting relationship in the years of Mihailov.

To get out of the hotel at the Trigorsky Museum, a vehicle (10 km) or a foot (5 km) along the pedestrian route on Mihailovski and on Trigorski.

The village of Petrovsky, the ancestral name of the ancestors of A.S. Pushina Gannibalov, began to develop the legendary poet-Abrama Petrovich Gannibal (Arap Petra Grand-born African, Cross and Petra I).

Святогорский монастырьAt the Petrovsky Museum from the hotel, it's most convenient to get to the car (10 km, the car can be left at the Petrovsky pay station.

The city of Savkino, or Savkin Gork, rises a kilometre from Mihaylovski on the shore of Sorothy.

Savkin Gorki, a place where Pushkin loved to be, is opened by one of the most vivid species of the Pushkin Reserve.

Pushkin Mountains

The Holy Monastery was paid by the gifts of Ivan Grozny and King Michael Fedorović, one of the 20 richest and readers of Rusi. Since the nineteenth century, the monastery has been inextricably linked to the name A.S. Pushkin. The poet relatives of Hannibal's mother line were the victims of the monastery and were entitled to be buried. ♪ ♪

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