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South Volgograd Hotel

Around the hotel

The great history of our city is known to the world. However, it keeps many secrets and mysteries. We have decided for the guests of our hotel and guests of the city to take a tour in the far and recent past of the Caryn-Stalingrad-Volgograd: a journey through time and to speak of the historic past of the street on which the modern South Hotel is located and of neighbouring sights. Close your eyes, let me imagination take you to the glimpse of evening lights, silos of leaflets, aromat of fresh breeze and stunning living music. I'm sure you'll ask: "Where are we? The city around us, his past and present, the way you can feel it and keep it in your memory.

The cost of the tour of the hotel is 1,000 roubles.

Short of city history

The Caricino, which was founded in 1589, was given the role of a guard for the protection of the Russian land and the great Volga route from nomadic raids. The Zholm County City of the pre-revolutionary Russian Federation, Carisin, had become a major trading and industrial centre by the end of the 19th century. A special place was taken by Carisin of his story during the Soviet period. Among the first cities in Russia, after Petrograd, he raised the revolutionary nomenclature of October. Early 1925 The Circus was renamed Stalingrad. During the industrialization process, the first tractor gigant plant in the USSR was built in the USSR, a high-powered thermal power plant, a large shipyard, was renovated with metallurgical, wood processing, and beautiful residential neighbourhoods grew. In the river sea, the fire was destined to turn the city into a harsh 1942. Two days and nights lasted the battle for Stalingrad. This is where our homeland has had to withstand one of the worst tests in its history. The victory in the Volga was the beginning of an indigenous breakthrough throughout the Second World War. In 1961, he was named Volgograd, which by its 424th anniversary is one of the most developed cities in our country.

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