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Lower New City Hotel

The house is on the wolf bank

Гостиница Мещера

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Mezkara Hotel is a new private low-cost hotel in Lower Novgorod. The hotel became one of the most popular in the city and could be praised by warm feedback from guests and permanent customers.

Good location
The guest is located on the shore of the Volga River, in the immediate vicinity of the Below City Fair, the Rail and Rail Zones (3 km) and the historic part of the city (7 km).

A convenient transport connection allows for easy access from our hotel to any part of the city, both on the vehicle and public transport.

Гостиница Мещера On the three floors of the Megorá Hotel, there are 30 comfortable rooms of different classes from the economy to the full board. In all the numbers, even the cheapest, there's everything necessary for full rest. Part of the numbers comes out windows on Volga's painting shore. From the others, you can see a clean yard with a playground. By enjoying the species from the windows or walking through the shadow aleigh, you will feel the atmosphere of your home with green palaces and quiet streets.

Many of our hotel visitors like to spend their free time not only in the room, but also in the area around the hotel or in the rest bench near the entrance. In a good weather, you can read the book with comfort, enjoying the wonderful aroma that brings winds from the forest of the suburbs.

On the second floor of the Megorá Hotel, there was a small cafe where you were waiting for a delicious breakfast of the Swedish table, during which all the recent news that was broadcast on a large television screen could be found.

The Mezkara Hotel offers various options for nutrition. The different menu includes light snacks, soups, second dishes and pick-ups. You can order business lunch and business dinners or pick separate dishes. An approximate range of our cafe, you can look at the page of "our menu."

Свидетельство о прохождении классификацииNovinka! Specially for the small visitors to our hotel, we offer the Children's Menu.

The main feature of the Megorá Hotel is a democratic approach to pricing. The cheapest numbers in our hotel are one of the lowest among all the low-cost. Hotels in Lower Novgorod
The cost of the class economy is 1,400 roubles. The cost of the place is 900 roubles.
Details in Number and Price.

For guests of the hotel, a range of additional services:
- 24-hour free parking,
- The transfer,

Гостиница Мещера Гостиница Мещера

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