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Hotel Of The Hoolidians Inn Moscow Gate

Restoran, hotel of halls inn (other activities)

Restorán Milano

A perfect place for business and friendly meetings (suitable location, hotel parking) to spend time with the family (children are provided with child chairs and drawing supplies) and for romantic dates on summer terrace or private soft booths with a view to the Moscow Gate.

I'm wearing classic and home paste and pizzas on our chef's unique recipes. Every day you can try a completely new (230 roubles). The wine map gathered the wine of Italy, France, the New World at democratic prices, as well as a variety of strong alcohol among world leaders.

Lanch in Italian style comes in from 12:00 to 16:00, and the rest of the time, the restaurant works on the menu of a-la-cart.

  • Found on the 2nd floor. Holiday Hotel Inn
  • Hours of work: 12-23.00
  • Body. +7 812 448 71 21


The renovated interior bar is located in the most vibrant place of the hotel, on the ground floor opposite the Rescence. Bar's offering a big drink, coffee, including coffee to go. And for the rest of the day, we can eat popular and loved dishes - club sandwiches, Caesar salad, sergeant and classic Olivier salad, or beat ourselves with our branded cakes.

To keep our guests with us longer, we offer board games and sports games. 24/7. And of course, there's free wireless Internet.

It's a great combination of bars, restaurants and places where you can watch the broadcast of the most relevant games and games on big screens.

  • Hours of work: 11-23.00
  • Body. +7 812 448 71

Steik Haus Korovabar

The city's steakhouse. Korovabar is a high-quality institution with a 12-year history. You're looking for a comfortable modern design, a natural tree, panoramic windows and glass windows, and real Colombian cows on walls.

The pride of the restaurant is an amazing steak of legendary marble beef. The crust is covered by a juicy primitive meat. The volunteer staff will always recommend you the perfect escort from the grand wine map. The steaks and dishes of the European, Russian, eastern kitchens, as well as the bright pan-Asian positions in the menu, do not fall. It is also worth mentioning the desserts in the mouth and a simple children ' s room.

  • on Floor 2
  • Hours of work: p.m. 11.00-1.00, p. 11.00 - 02.00, p.m.

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