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20-year-old VLCSM

  • Oil. 20 years
  • Troop: 4 mines 1, 5 km
  • In 5 minutes, various cafes and restaurants are open

Early discovery

  • Shot Division

The Voronage Hotels, in which the guests of the city are comfortable with the Marton Hotel Network, have the following merits:

  • Marton Hotels in Voronage Modern Buildings designed and constructed in the European Hospitality Standards format
  • The unified staff training and training system allows us to maintain a high-level service stamp for our guests
  • The full base package in the Marton Gate hotels is available at the price of any guest in our city.

Additional services on the HOTEL MARTON Hotel network in Voronje save travel and travellers. Plus, the comfortable location of our hotels is also saving the city's guests' time to get to the Voronage centers, business centres and institutions very quickly.

HOTEL MARTON hotels in Voronje

As a new type of hotel, with a high standard of service, but low cost of living, the Marton Gate Hotels offer travellers both basic economer and more comfortable hatches.

In terms of designing our numbers hotels and hotels The Voronje will be suited both to the classical style and to the fans of a brighter environment. Also with the taste of the division and other hotel rooms-- recreation, café, recreation rooms, elevators and hotel corridors

Basic and additional services for Marton Hotels in Voronje

The European Service has long been associated with a certain minimum of services. The Marton Hotels in Voronje fully correspond to the level and offer their guests:

  • European breakfast
  • Free parking and free WI-FI
  • Daily cleaning of numbers and replenishment of hygienic equipment
  • Air conditioners, mini bars, refrigerators and modern TVs

Additional services that can be used by both people on mission and tourists include:

  • Arrangements for fixed-wing and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Organization of tours
  • Rest in our health center
  • Café meals and Marton Hotels

Our staff will always help hotel residents with both a case-by-case and a good council if the matter is outside the hotel ' s competence.

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