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Casani Hotels And Hotels

Hotel room

ОтельAny traveller or businessman who chooses hotels in Casani for a future trip wants everything that the twenty-first century hotel can offer - European comfort, excellent service, secure security, entertainment. Having stopped at the Casana Riviera, You'll be able to see for yourself all the advantages of a modern Casani hotel that meets the highest demands! Bars, restaurants, swimming pools, the largest Russian park is all the Rivier's four-star hotel! There's a free Wi-Fi Internet in the hotel and all the numbers! The additional “bonus” is a prestigious area, only 500 metres to the historic centre of Kazan City, an incredibly beautiful view from any hotel window! Kazan looks like a palm!

The Kazani hotels, like most of Russia ' s hotels, are participating in the National Competence of the Russian Federation ' s Senior Hotels each year. As a result of the contest last year, the Kansan Riviera Hotel is the best hotel in the Privolge Federal District 2013. The guest is included in the official register of "Serious reputation."

Our hotel is offering the guests of Casani 210 numbers, ranging from the low-cost class of Comfort to the luxury presidential apartments. Each number, regardless of category, is left expensive and tasteful: beautiful secession, fashion accessories, steel Italian furniture, good textile.

ОтельIf you're interested in the budget version of the location, draw attention to the one-, two-bed double-bed numbers, the twin numbers (two single beds). And for guests who wish to see the paintings of Volga, the Kazani species from the hotel windows, we can offer improved numbers, as well as a panoramic view of a thousand-year-old Kazan.

Additional sub-bonus for Liux or Presidential Apartments: free attendance at the Planet Fitz Prize Club.

Bars, hotel restaurants

Where does the day begin? Of course, with a full breakfast in a good restaurant! Start with the Amore restaurant, one of the most romantic, “coustic” places in the city of Kazan. In the morning, the Swedish table, afternoon, evening, is an excellent lunch, a great meal from the European, national kitchen. In summer, take advantage of the rare opportunity to take the firm dishes from our chef, sitting on the open terrace of the pool under the warm sunshine. Not far. All the hotels. Kazan cities can offer this opportunity.

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